Choosing the right Card

While physical gifts do have their own value, nothing conveys your message across as sweetly and as quickly as greeting cards, especially when the recipient lives in a different city or country. You can further enhance the value of the message by designing a unique card rather than send one of the stock cards available aplenty in both physical and online gift stores. greeting cards printed personally by you carry a special message that you really care for the recipient. You have the option of either designing a digital card or a physical one. Once you go through the pros and cons of both of them, you will realise that the printed version has more sentimental value than its digital counterpart does.

Digital cards

Visit any online portal that allows you to create greeting cards and register yourself with the site by filling up their online form. Once this process is complete, you can choose from a wide range of templates. After selecting the template, fill it up with text and graphics from those available on that store. Certain portals also allow you to upload your own graphics and insert them in the template. You also have the option to embed a tune with the card. Once completed, preview the card, fill up the email of the recipient and click on the send' button. You will receive an email acknowledgement once the recipient has received the card. The pros of this method are that it reached the recipient almost instantaneously after you send it, if you have specified the delivery schedule as immediate.' The cons are that the card might contain an embedded watermark of the site from which you are sending it.

Printed cards

Many online sites allow you to design the card online and download the final file in a printable format, which you can print using your inkjet laser printer. The pros are that you can attach stickers or other stuff on the printed card before stuffing it in an envelope, attaching the requite postage stamps, and drop it in the mailbox, ensuring that it has dropped down the chute. You can also put an impression of your lips on the card if you are sending it to your loved one. The anticipation of waiting for the postman to deliver that special letter is what sets physical cards apart from the digital ones. The cons of such cards are that it takes several days or weeks to reach its destination depending on how far away it is from your city.